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Consulting & Service Agreements

Project Management and Consulting Services

MIS understands the challenges businesses encounter and recommends solutions that meet short term goals and build a solid foundation for growth and scalability for future business needs. With over 100 years of combined experience, MIS has the expertise needed to smoothly take your project from planning to implementation to employee training, minimizing downtime and disruptions.

Service Agreements

Service Agreements (SA) are available for customers who desire ongoing support for their server and network needs. SA customers not only benefit from the collaborative efforts of the entire MIS support team but enjoy a reduced hourly rate for project management and onsite and remote support.


MIS Outsourcing Opportunities

IT outsourcing is a viable option that offers exceptional benefits, making it the preferred choice for thousands of businesses. As an MIS contracted customer, you will have highly skilled experts overseeing your systems and provide you with the following outsourcing benefits:

    • Improve Business Focus

Focus on broader business issues while having information technology issues taken care of by us.

    • Partnerships and Resources

We have strategic alliances and partnerships with companies that can provide a broad range of resources to meet your business needs.

    • Resources

MIS’s strategic alliances and partnerships provide a broad range of resources to meet your business needs. Take advantage of access to new technology, tools and techniques that may benefit your business such as diversely structured methodologies, procedures and documentation.

    • Reduced costs

Access to our lower cost structure is one of the most significant short-term benefits of outsourcing. Your business will save money by paying fewer salaried employees, benefits packages and other overhead costs.

    • Flexibility

Investments in information technology can be risky for many businesses. However, when IT is outsourced, businesses become more dynamic and flexible, especially when IT services are tailored to the special needs of the organization. We are confident that MIS can provide an outsourcing model that is flexible, affordable, and in line with your business goals.